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Amanda's Super Cool Webcam Of DOOM!

It's a gibbon! It's a plane! NO, it's--a teenager!!!

Oh god, the humanity!

Unfortunately, since I moved out of the basement and got my lovely new laptop, even though she's got a great webcam built into her, I can't find any decent webcam software to install to get this page up and working again. The software I used to use is really outdated and doesn't want to play nice with the rest of my computer, so this page is officially out of commission until I find something new. If you've got any suggestions, please feel free to make them, I'll try just about anything as long as it's not dripping with spyware.

- A


This image will change every 60 seconds when the Web Cam shoots a new picture.  Please refresh this page to see the latest image.  
This method is slower than the old self refreshing image, but it also doesn't reduce our server to a smoking heap of liquid goo.

Catch me doing something weird or funny? Send it to the Webcam Whoops gallery!

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